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What is Youtube URL?

Youtube URL is the address of your channel, also known as the link to your channel.

For a basic Youtube channel, the channel URL is a random sequence of characters including numbers and letters (16-25 characters). This will make it difficult to recognize your brand and how it will appear when Google or YouTube users search for information about your brand. Thereby reducing the interaction and exposure of your brand to interested users or potential customers themselves.

SEO Youtube URL is a service to build URL into easy to remember, easily identifiable characters directly for the brand.

Benefits of Youtube URL

Increase professionalism and brand awareness

Increase search ability and high rank in the search list of users and customers

Increase the brand value of the business, the customer conversion rate from social network users

Protect your business's trademark copyright on Youtube platform

Affirming the professionalism and uniqueness of the Youtube social networking platform.

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Customer FAQ’s

Most frequently asked questions

  • So, What is the Youtube URL Service?

    Provide SEO-friendly Youtube channel links, increase search rankings

  • Different from Youtube service URL and normal URL/Username?

    Basic URL: Low visibility, no search, no claims, can't register Claim ID

    SEO Standard URL: High level of brand awareness, support for searching, claiming and registering Claim ID

  • Youtube URL registration process

    Step 1: Choose a package right below
    Step 2: Fill in the registration form at the footer
    Step 3: Staff will call to confirm and complete the registration steps.


3 years



/3 years

  • Setup Full – Opiton
  • 1 User
  • URL limit: less than 5 characters
  • Support: 24/7

5 years

Most commonly used


/5 years

  • Setup Full – Opiton
  • 1 User
  • URL limit: No
  • Support: 24/7


Long-term businesses want sustainable and long-term digital transformation



  • Setup Full – Opiton
  • 1 User
  • URL limit: No
  • Support: 24/7


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